About Me

As you all of might seen or heard already, I am 20 years old and attending SUNY Cortland to become an inspiring Physical Education teacher. I am mastering in Health once my undergraduate years are over. Each day I become more eager to educate young students and adults about becoming physically fit and living a healthy lifestyle. It is my job to get the students interested and present my knowledge to them in different ways and by example about staying interested and healthy. It is never to late to become physically fit.

Outside of the classroom you can find me on the volleyball court or badminton court. I am currently enrolled on these two club sports at SUNY Cortland. These sports bring out my character and competitiveness. I hate losing but no one is perfect so when it happens, I use it as a learning experience. I will better myself after after game or match. I am also involved in  intramural sports such as flag football, wiffle ball, 3 on 3 basketball and 5 n 5. I love being physically active so you can also catch me in my dorm room working out, taken on the Insanity, Insanity Asylum and P90X2 DVD workouts. I do attend the gym to lift their as well. I am also down for pickup games for any sports. I love being active

When school is out and it is summer break, the only place where you would find me is the beach. I am there every day from hours upon hours. I love soaking in the sun and swimming in the ocean. I also play lots of beach volleyball. When the night falls I enjoy hanging out with my friends outside taking advantage of the beautiful weather. I am always eager to meet knew people so hopefully one take Ill meet you if I have not already.

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