As I grow up and become an inspiring physical educator, each day I realize more and more that athletics is a big part of my life and define who I am as a person. My ultimate goal is to coach young athletes and lead them towards success as individual in the sports they encounter and in life as general, also grow into a team player. Coaching is not an easy job especially reaching out to your athletes and guiding them to their full potential. I personally want to take on this challenge because nothing that is worth doing comes easily. Athletics and physical education is thought to be linked to each other but athletics is more competitive and this is something that I enjoy.  I believe that through athletics students will understand the concepts of: giving 100 % effort all the time, teamwork/chemistry and sportsmanship.
            “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going,” this is a quote that I believe represents giving 100% all the time. As an individual you must never give up even when things are not going in your favor. Athletics can be very competitive and there is always a better team or individual. If you work hard and focus on improving you will be successful in the end no matter whom you go up against. Players who train all year long will become their opponents’ worst fear. It takes countless hours of training to become a prodigy in a sport. Training when you must at practice is expected, training on your off time shows what your true character is. Dedication like this is a very admirable attribute. When you’re losing and they’re a few seconds left on the clock, or a few points to the game is over, how deep will you dig to pull through and be successful. As the coach I will influence my players to keep going and to never toss their towel in. I experience many situations that I thought I had lost due to the bad start I had, but giving it 100% all the time, I grew strong and won my matches.
            Athletic teams that are successful demonstrate great teamwork. Every player brings something to the plate to make the dish complete. Teamwork is about working together as one group to achieve one common goal. Teamwork goes beyond the individual accomplishments. All-star individuals are not necessarily team players and can lead to the downfall of their group. A coach must make sure their players work together and each person has an equal distribution on the team. A team player is the one who steps up when the other players are having a rough day. Team chemistry involves mutual feelings of loyalty and empathy for one another. Spending time together is a key factor in the development of team chemistry. Team travel, particularly overnight, has always been great for bonding. Kids have great fun sharing an adventure, eating together, learning more about one another and getting closer. There is nothing like camaraderie based on shared experiences and memories. I will take my athletes out to dinner to bond with them outside of their sport. This will bring us all together with a family mentality. We will be willing to do anything for one another of us. As a coach I am obligated to take advantage of anything that will promote common experiences and an understanding and appreciation for one’s teammates.
             The last factor that means a lot to me in athletics is sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is a main component regarding morality in sport, composed of three related and perhaps overlapping concepts: fair play, sportsmanship and character. Sportsmanship is a word that is hard to put a definition to. This is going beyond what is expected of an opponent. I will make sure my teammates always shake hands if they win or lose. This shows respect for the opposing team. Athletes always get very competitive and everyone wants to win. Losing can cause hard feelings and remorse between ones self but it does not and should not make you disrespect an opposing team. If you lose to them, you should have more respect for them for defeating you. My athletes will not be sore losers. This refers to one who does not take defeat well, whereas a good sport means being a "good winner" as well as being a "good loser.”
             Overall, athletics play a big part of my career because I want to be a well recognized coach for winning and for my character and the character my teammates show. I will make sure of this by the concepts that I believe in which are giving 100 % all the time, teamwork/chemistry and sportsmanship.

As a professional educator I rest my philosophy on three major pillars of beliefs. Together, these three beliefs provide the basis of what I value, what I do, and why I do it as an educator. These three beliefs are: prepare and adapt to any situation, make learning exhilarating, and maintain a positive attitude at all times.
In life and in education you must prepare and be capable of adapting to any situation. If you plan to do something but it does not go as planned, it shows true character if you can adjust to it and carry on with it. I believe my students will learn to adapt to different situation by asking each other for help and working together as a team. One person will be the leader while everyone else contributes his or her own input to solve the problem. I will be there to help my students but not to supply them with the answers. I will guide them in reaching the end, which will make them successful. I will teach strategies according to students abilities and needs. Everybody has the right to learn even if some students require more help then others.
If I speak in a monotone my students will fall asleep and start to daydream, I do this now with my teachers. Learning should be exhilarating. I will use different kinds of technology to spark the students interest. I will use computers and television to get a point across. I will have students research a part of what we are learning and teach one another and not have it be just me lecturing on. I believe the students should learn in different locations and not just the same old boring classroom. I will take the students outside to learn and even on field trips to give them excitement. If the students are not interested they will not learn. Learning takes place when the students are having fun and enjoying one another.
When a student is down his/her morale drops and they don’t obtain much information. In life everything worth having does not come easy. No one is perfect and it takes multiple tries to succeed. If you do not understand something, you can have a negative attitude towards it. You must always be positive and believe in yourself. I will make sure my students believe in themselves by always motivating them to never give up.  A positive attitude will go a long way in their future for obtaining a job.
Together these three beliefs: prepare and adapt to any situation, make learning exhilarating, and maintain a positive attitude at all times will help me educate my students.  Education is a vital part of society. I know I cannot teach them everything, but I will equip my students with the resources so they will be inspired to learn by themselves. Authentic learning comes from a solid foundation, and real success comes from an inner drive.

Physical Education
Education and Physical Education are two separate things. Most schools and communities look at Education as being the most important thing there is.  I am not putting down education, but Physical Education is equally as important if not more. Physical Education is the center of education because it increases Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor also known as BDNF. This is vital to learning, memory and higher thinking. Physical Education has been proven to increase students test scores. It also teaches you life long values and helps you stay physically fit. Obesity is a rising epidemic and as a future Physical Education teacher, it is my job to help stop this. I feel that it is important for every student to be able to recognize the importance of daily physical activity. Some schools only have PE class once a week, but this must change because Physical Education keeps students active and healthy cognitively. We must promote healthy lifestyles. I hold the tools and skills to help students live a healthy and physically fit lifestyle.
I want to enhance the minds and bodies of my students as well as inspiring them. I will write lesson plans to engage the students interest. It is important for every student to be competent in 6 sports and proficient in 3 before they graduate. I will guide the students in doing this by breaking down each skill to its simplest form. Being a movement analysis specialist, I can break down any movement into basic steps.
My students will understand that if they don’t have time to workout, they will find the time for illness. I want my students to learn and appreciate the benefits of physical activity. They will engage in healthy practices and be able to perform basic motor skills such as fine and gross motor skills.  Assessments are a vital tool to use in observing students productivity. There will be written tests in each unit to test the students cognitive ability. 
As an instructor it is my responsibility to have different variations of each lesson to hold the students interest. I will have ways to make the activities more advanced for the more athletic students and easier for the less athletic students. I want every students success rate for each activity to be high because every student is a unique as individuals with physical differences. Physical Education should be mandatory for every school and get as much appreciation as the four core subjects: Math, Science, English and History.

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