Standard 4

Instructional Delivery and Management
Physical education candidates use effective communication and pedagogical skills and strategies to enhance student engagement and learning.

Element: 4.2 Implement effective demonstration explanations, and instructional cues and prompts to link physical activity concepts to appropriate learning experiences.

Date: Winter 2011


This artifact is my 256 observation bulletin board which relates to element 4.2. It relates to this element because it was made for their fitness-testing unit. They were performing their fitness tests that are given annually in the beginning of the year and after every unit to see their improvement.

The board I made shows the 5 components of physical fitness. It is important for the students to know what each component is. Around the components are motivational pictures to encourage the students and open their eyes to reality and to influence them to never give up.

It is important for a physical educator to develop their students 5 components of physical fitness through different activities and sports that we will be instructing.  We are in the business of creating physically educated people.

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